What is stand up comedy?

Although I’m sure you all know what stand up comedy is, I’ll give a word or two about it for those who don’t. It’s a comedy style show in which a comedian stands in front of the audience, speaking directly to them. These kind of performances are very popular lately, mostly because they are funny and have the ability to relax people in the audience. Nothing beats stress like a good laugh, I think you all agree with me!

Comedy tourism, best thing ever?

I don’t know if you have ever heard about the term “comedy tourism”, but it’s an expression that I use for when you combine traveling, going on a vacation, and visiting comedy clubs, stand up shows, and everything else in between. Of course, if you’re an American like me, you would preferably need to visit places like other states within the US, or UK, where language barrier isn’t an issue. I tried visiting comedy shows on my recent trip to Croatia, but I didn’t quite laugh as much as everyone else did, since I didn’t understand what the comedians were saying 🙂 . Still I went on an amazing half day trip to Blue Lagoon from Split, which I definitely recommend. It’s only a half an hour away (speedboat ride), but crystal clear sea and well preserved nature you’ll see there is totally worth it. I don’t know if there some other way of visiting it, but I just booked a tour on a local travel agency website and they did the rest. My friend Sarah speaks Spanish and German, which makes her a much better candidate for comedy tourism.

Those of us who are mono-lingual, we are left with two options, either start learning other languages, or we can just stick to visiting countries that speak your language. It’s a bit easier if you speak English, but it works for a bunch of other languages like German, Spanish, Portuguese, etc. If comedy and vacationing are your thing, then I wholeheartedly recommend that you try and combine the two. You will love the different sense of humor that you find in other countries. Now onto the real reason why we’re here.

Stand up comedy today

Today, stand up comedy shows are far more modern then they were in their early beginnings. You can easily get any stand up comedian’s performance on Youtube if you feel like watching it. (We know it’s not as good as the real thing, but still very convenient if you are craving some laughter!)

The shows are filmed with the best equipment like HD cameras and microphones to deliver you the best stand up experience! Some of the comedy clubs, or even comedians, use super high technologies like drones and drone cameras to film the shows. That way it’s possible to capture every single piece of emotion on the comedian’s face while performing. It’s also nice to be able to capture the audience’s faces and face expressions since that’s the best part of every show. You have to believe me, since I was a part of so many so far!

As you already know, apart from live performances as show, stand up is widely distributed outside of the pubs’ walls.  It’s available on television, internet, youtube, CDs, DVDs. There are even stand up life streams today. And the best thing is: it’s getting more and more popular. We’re also witnessing an era without borders and censorship: stan dup comedians are free to talk about almost anyone and anything on the stage. They often talk about the burning existential problems wrapped in dirty jokes and puns.

If you’re interested in becoming a comedian, a lot of bars and pubs offer the so-called “Open Mic nights” where anyone can perform in front of the live audience. Maybe you’re the new Timur Rodriguez, who knows? Give it a try!

The history of stand up comedy

It is believed that Stand up comedy originates in classic Parrhesia, somewhere 400 BC. Then, it was a show where people (comedians) are able to tell the reality without censorship. It becomes widely accepted and popular in the United Kingdom in 18th and 19th century. In 1979 Comedy Store opened, where many popular comedians like Dawn French, Jennifer Saunders, Craig Ferguson and many more started their careers. It was then when the comedy circuit has expanded and has left the UK borders and became planetary popular way of entertainment.

Even today, the Comedy Store stands still in Soho, London and is still one of the most iconic stand up comedy clubs in the whole world. If you are a stand up comedy lover, make sure to visit when in London. It’s still very popular and, I must warn you, very crowded. Mostly during weekends, since it’s the perfect time to get out and have a good laugh after the week is over. No better way to put yourself in weekend- mood than stand up.

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“When has stand-up comedy been kind to anyone? It goes after anyone who’s the target. Comedy attacks, man.”

Sam Kinison