About Us

Hello there!

We’re a group of Stand-up comedy enthusiast who decided to start a ┬ápage to gather all stand-up comedy lovers, as well as stand – up comedians.

At first, we just wanted to share some funny and great stand-up comedy videos with you, but thanks to your great support and your will to join us in making stand-up comedy great again, we have developed a real┬ácomedy heaven here, providing you with lots of fresh information every day. Here you can find updated calendars with marked stand – up comedy shows nearby, as well as short posts and articles about some of the most popular comedians today.

We would also want to ask you to interact with each other throughout this page, as well as giving us feedback on our work and dedication. Since we’re mainly focused on the area we live in, we might miss to inform about some interesting shows happening around. Please let us know if you have any info about it so we can share it with everyone via this blog. Spread the comedy news with us!

Why did we start the page?

Since we were very young, we admired stand-up comedians like Ray Romano. (He was on TV very often when we were kids, and it was hard not to love him.)

I tried so hard to become one by attending many stand – up comedy shows. And then… I fell in love with watching them and being a part of the audience even more than I was with the idea of becoming a comedian. And now I’m here! Still attending lots of comedy shows (I must admit I make sure to go and watch at least one every weekend!) and I want to share my love and passion for comedy with all of you. It’s a passion and a way of life! At least it is for me.

Please feel free to join our Comedy community and help us out by providing us information. Thanks everybody!