Comedy and rock’n’roll @ The Elephant

The Laugh Lounge was, as you probably already know, gone for three month since The Elephant bar was being freshly redecorated. Now it’s ready to welcome stand ups! It has been open for a couple of weeks now, but now everything’s ready for the Comedy to be back where it belong – the Lounge!

The Comedy’s back!

It’s on every Thursday, starting with tomorrow! The ┬ácomedians performing are being held top secret. We didn’t manage to find out who their guest for that big opening night are going to be – but no doubt it’s going to be just fantastic! And that’s not all. What is comedy without true rock n roll music? Welcome your favorite┬áTribute bands who will play for you ever Thursday. The best thing is – there’s no entrance fee and never will be! We believe laughs should be free for everybody.

Not only have we redecorated the place, but we also expanded our menus and are sure everyone will find something for themselves. You can check the attached poster for details, and don’t be late! Comedy won’t be waiting!

If you happen to be out of town on Thursday, pay us a visit this weekend. We’re having ┬ádarts and pool nights with some free beer tasting and our well-known lovely hostesses. Also, join us for the game Sunday after lunch. We continue to support our local football teams by watching the game and cheering fro the bottom of out hearts. We don’t need to mention the round’s on us if they win. Cheers and see you Thursday!