Great comedy routines of YouTube

As I already mentioned a few times here on the website, we’re living in the golden age of comedy. I’m not saying that because we have a whole heap of comedians who are very good, no. Reason why I’m saying that we are living in the golden age of comedy is because with the internet, people can enjoy in comedians from across the borders. YouTube is a great place where there are many such amazing comedy routines. Let’s check out some of them.

Great comedy routines of YouTube

One of the favorite comedians of mine, if not the best in the business right now, would definitely be Bill Burr. His comedy is like wine, it got better and better as Bill got older. Thankfully he now has a multiple Netflix specials, and he even has a show of his own called “F is for Family”.

There’s a lot of clips of Bills on YouTube that you can find on talk shows like this. But there are also a bunch of clips and videos from his stand up shows, like this one for example:

I’ll leave you to find the rest on your own. If at all possible I suggest that you find Bill on Netflix, because there you’re going to have the best possible quality of the video, and it won’t be cut into a million pieces.

Another great comedian with a lot of great material that you can find in various forms on YouTube is Doug Stanhope. Now I don’t know how you can get find his full shows, where exactly, I know that at least one of them “Beer Hall Putsch” is in fact available on Netflix, but even without stand up specials, you can find a lot of videos of his on things like the Joe Rogan Experiance Podcast on YouTube.

Last comedian that I’m going to mention here is not from the US. Jimmy Carr has been at the top of the British Comedy Scene for quite some time. The Brits also have a very strong comedy base, with lots of great comedians, so me saying that Jimmy Carr is at the top there is not laughing matter, pun intended, 🙂 .

One of the favorite video clips of Jimmy that I like is most definitely his appearance on the roast of Rob Lowe. This is actually the first time that a British comedian was featured in a show like that, and he killed it. I’m sure that you will agree with me on that after seeing the clip above, or after you see the full show on Comedy Central.

In any case, you can see that many great shows can be seen on YouTube. I really love discovering great comedians like this, and I definitely recommend that you burrow yourself in in the comedy sections of YouTube nice and cozy on a lazy Sunday afternoon and you discover some great content yourself. As always, keep the laughs flowing. Cheers.