Open mic nights every 2nd Sunday!

We proudly announce the new Open Mic season in the city! When and where? You’re just about to find out everything.

The Rhythm Hut

The iconic Rhythm Hut is back again with its most popular stand up event! The Open Mic nights are back and it’s the perfect opportunity for you to try out your comedy skills. The 2nd Sunday of this month is just a few days away! If you don’t feel prepared yet, stay calm. The Hut is going to have another one in a month. And then again in a month! It was more than 10 years ago when this extremely popular Pub has started with the Open Mic Nights. Those were very popular back then and now… everything’s back.

The same old location, same old show – even the same old audience. The Pub is well know for its fabulous and friendly atmosphere, as well as tasty food & snacks. We don’t even need to mention a great choice of beer!

I think you need no more reasons to join us on the next Open Mic night. If you’re not ready to perform, you can always come and just support the ones who are. The first one is gonna be huge! We heard it will be filmed and the performers will be able to take a copy of the tape with themselves. There’s also a surprise guest. We can’t tell you who that is, but we can tell He (oh, it’s a he!) performed here before and it was one of the best stand up night in our pub. If Open Mics are not your cup of tea, feel free to visit us any other day. Stand up is on every weekend (Friday, Saturday and Sunday), but we’re open every day of the week for you to enjoy our friendly atmosphere, amazing food and drinks. Don’t forget to live, love and laugh! And pay us a visit.